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IRC Guidelines for Hiring New Employees

  • CANDIDATES SHOULD SPEAK ENGLISH – There are no exceptions to this rule. Communication is an important factor for a crewman’s safety and drilling operations.

  • CANDIDATES BIOGRAPHICAL DATA SHEETS (CBDS) – A summary of preliminary impressions and reference check is prepared by the Recruitment Consultants on each candidate. The (CBDS) is handwritten by the short listed candidate and covers a comprehensive breakdown of the candidate’s personal background. It includes a Work Experience Summary (WES) which indicates the duties and responsibilities of the candidate in detail on a per position and per employment basis. Whenever necessary, it shall also include the Consultants evaluation and recommendation of the candidate, highlighting those skills and traits in the would-be-job.

  • SHORTLISTING – This comprises sourcing, screening, and short-listing of qualified candidates. An applicant becomes a short listed candidate only after having passed in-depth interviews, evaluation tests (English written or practical if required), and reference checks of his credentials. The detailed job description shall be our sole basis and guide throughout the short-listing process. We will short list per job required at least two (2) of the best candidates who accepted the job offer.

  • PROCESSING AND DOCUMENTATION – Our Processing and Documentation Division facilitates the proper approval of the selected candidate’s documents; i.e. Passport, Medical Certificate, AIDS certificate, National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (Philippines) or Indian government required bond and insurance premiums. These documents shall be submitted by the selected candidate, properly authenticated, for official documentation by us through the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration and Indian Customs.

  • PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION – Orientation of your workers includes: the country of employment’s customs, traditions, culture, religion and environment will be conducted. This orientation on your organization, purpose and management profile will also be included.

  • TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS – These include facilitation of the selected candidate’s travel tax exemption, pre-departure orientation and departure formalities from Manila.

New Candidate Checklist Recruitment Procedure
  • Job Position Requested

  • Search Database for Match

  • Review CV’s for Match

  • Prepare Biographical Data Sheet

  • Shortlist Candidates

  • Forward CV to Client for Approval

  • Contact Job Candidate for Interview

  • English Language Test (Oral and Written)

  • First Interview by Recruitment Consultant

  • Second Interview by Senior Manager

  • Job Offer Extended

  • Documents Obtained from Candidate (Passport & Current Safety Certificates)

  • Send for Medical Exam

  • Complete New Hire Contract

  • Complete Banking Forms

  • Complete AD & D Policy and Forms

  • Send for Current Safety Schools
o Attend New Employee Orientation Session

  • Arrange with Client for Crew Change Date

  • Complete Immigration Procedures

  • Depart for Drilling Location

Training and Safety

To further train our drilling rig employees; we have implemented “In House” training programs. We believe that continuous education will benefit our employees and enhance your drilling operation. The following programs are used to further train our employees:

  • Going Offshore – Helicopter and Crew Boat Safety

  • H2S – The Unexpected

  • Crane Operation I

  • Crane Operation II

  • Material Handling

  • Lock Out – Tag Out

  • Confined Space and Vessel Entry

  • Don’t Tease the Tiger (Bulk Tanks)

  • Rigger’s Crane Operation

  • Crane Safety

  • Crane Operating Techniques

  • Fire Safety

  • Fire Fighting

  • Well Control School (Part I and II)

  • General Training

  • Stretching

  • Hand Injuries in Drilling

  • Laying Down Pipe

  • Care and Use of Tongs

  • Making a Connection

  • What are Slips

  • Making Trip

  • Care and Handling of Wire Rope and Slings

  • Rotary Rig and its Components

  • Roughneck Training

  • Derrickman Training

Pre-Hire Medical Testing
  • General Physical

  • Drug and Alcohol Test

  • Chest X-Ray

  • Blood Group

  • Blood Count

  • ECG

  • Urine

  • Stool

  • HIV 1

  • TB

  • Vision

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